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Romona Rahdagihn

A rambunctious and very outgoing individual who isn't afraid to ask questions or speak her mind, but often gets upset when she's wrong. Unlike a lot of Goblins, Romona doesn't wear the traditional colours associated with Azul, she wears a orange and yellow Imp horned hoodie which is an Arks relic with the magic ability to transform her into different elemental and magical beings. She has yet to master it or discovery how many forms she can transform into. 
Romona was born to both a Goblin and Ishtarian parent and is one of the members of the Saint Rahdagihn house of Azul.


Ephy X

An old Enpho model Famylyr with an unregistered, custom, modded "P-Brain" allowing him the ability to access places, information, and records that regular commercial Famylyr wouldn't be able to.

Ephy contains the ability to instantly absorb and access a wealth of info about the ancient eras, places and people he come in contact with contained within the echo memory of Arks relics.


Cid Journey

A Nightmare Hunter level Arkseologist with the Grande Central Museum. Quiet, cam and almost alwys prepared for any type of danger thanks to her Arks relic the Cloak of Infinity.



A Crayon Imp, hich are a nomadic clan of Imps that once existed in larger groups before the land wars began that took place shortly after the Nightmare Forest first emerged. He's shy and quiet but his magic is very powerful. With his enchanted multi colored wax crayons, anything he draws he can make physical and real his only limit is his imagination.